New Reggae Riddim Uploaded – “Downward Dog”

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New Reggae Riddim Uploaded – “Downward Dog”

Over the last couple of weeks I have had the opportunity to work on this reggae riddim with several musicians.   I put down a nice little scratch track, and one by one – they all passed by the studio and laid down their tracks.  First Olton Robinson put down a bass line, then Hagan George came in and gave a strength on the guitars.  After that I sent the riddim to our bredren Carol Hodge who laced it with some solid drum tracks, and after he sent it back to me – I had Adrian (Pat) Albert come in and put down the keys.  The outcome was simply magic, and probably one of the best sounding reggae riddims I’ve built in a long time.

While the name of the riddim – “Downward Dog” refers to the ever so popular yoga stance the peaceful nature of the beat is periodically interrupted with a combination of grotesque synth sounds that puncture it’s warmth……Logwood Style….. Take a listen and enjoy.

For the sake of the artists that really want exclusive beats I am going to let this one ride as exclusive for a little while ( 1 week) – after  that we will make it available for non-exclusive sale.

Click here to listen to Downward Dog

New Reggae Riddim Uploaded – “Downward Dog

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