Production Services

Logwood provides production services for independent and signed artists, managers, music owners, publishers, and record labels.  We produce music in a variety of genres including hip hop, dancehall, reggae, soca, RnB, pop, and raga rock.

The core Logwood team includes Greame “Ras I-Adon” Samuels, Nigel “Despret 1” Roberts, and Silas Carty. Mastering for our projects is done by Jonathan Darkman Duberry.  To bring additional flavor and variety to our projects we work with a host of other musicians, arrangers and affiliate producers such as Eddie “Prynze”  Duberry, Jayarr, Olton Robinson, Junior “Guzzy” Meade, Charles Samuels, and Bitter Knight Productions.

Although a large fraction of our music is created and completed in-house, Logwood Productions has extensive experience managing and facilitating the production process for record labels, and publishers that have larger budgets.  Our location in New York City and our proximity to some of the world’s best studios gives Logwood the ability to satisfy the needs of all of the potential clients seeking our sound.

Step into the Red


Step into the Red. Logwood is a production and publishing company based in the Bronx. We produce hip hop, dancehall, reggae, soca, rnb, pop, and raga rock.