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I wanted to take a few minutes and bring everyone up to speed as to the changes that are coming to buybeatsandtracks.com.  Going forward – from June 1st 2013 the following  purchase options will be available to our customers and clients.

Standard lease – Track is delivered as a wav file, mp3, and as an uncompressed version

Premium lease – Same as a standard lease, but also includes tracked out wav files for mixdown.

Exclusive Only  – Sold to one user, and one user only.  Files types will be the same as premium lease.

We will no longer continue to sell tracks exclusive and non-exclusive….allowing for non-exclusive purchases until such time an exclusive license is purchased.  We feel that there is more value for the exclusive customer if he/she can purchase a beat that no one else has touched and that is what we will endeavor to do.   Exclusive beats will be exclusive.

To achieve this we will first work on building a catalog of 20 to 30 Exclusive Only beats.  Once we have reached critical mass we will begin to cycle the beats through our system.  As new beats are added to the catalog older exclusive only beats will be moved to the non-exclusive category, and older non-exclusive beats will be moved to the bargain beats section.    We feel that a more active cycle process will increase the quantity and quality of beats that are available to all of our customers who purchase beats at different price points.

As we say goodbye to the old system and stock up on the Exclusive Only Beats, we will be running a huge discount / sale program.  Discount purchases must be made via the flash store on the home page of the website.  Thanks for your continued support!!

Non Exclusives (normally $9.99):

3 beats for $19.99

7 beats for $49.99

11 beats for $69.99

Exclusives (normally $75.00):

2 beats for $125.00

3 beats for $175.00

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